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Date: 2018-02-19 14:33

In my mid twenties I set off one winter to do a winter version of Walden Pond. I wanted to live simply in accord with nature, so I talked a friend into letting me use their family resort cabin, quit my job and moved to the far north of Minnesota for a hermit 8767 s life with my dog.
Being winter I realized any full day away, which might become necessary for unforeseen circumstances, would allow all my stores to freeze, so I put in an oil burner as a backup to my wood stove which I used almost exclusively. I was also talked into a phone, which I didn 8767 t use, but had in case of serious emergency like cutting of a finger or breaking a leg.
The cabin had no plumbing, but it did have electricity.
I expected that in natural in rhythm with day and night, I would naturally start going to bed earlier than my late night habits and rising with the sun. It did not happen. After a few weeks, I realized I could easily stay up late reading, writing and listening to music because of the electicity, so I pull the main breaker and decided that evening light would have to be 8775 organic. 8776 I could use candles or oil lamps or even a Coleman lantern that burned with mantles that had to be lit with a match. The light, I realized was sufficient for reading and writing but it had a flicker effect that caused me to call it 8775 organic 8776 unlike the harsh even light from an incandescent bulb. In very short order I began shifting my bedtime earlier and rising closer to dawn. I was particularly struck by the long period of dusk when the light began to slowly dim over a period of hours. I found this extremely soothing and it led naturally to wanting to go to sleep by the time it was dark outside even though I had alternative source of light. I realized that humans have experience that long slow dimming of light at the end of the day for thousands and thousands of years. I imagine our bodies find that process very soothing. It is only the last century that brought electricity which blocked out this awareness so effectively that we didn 8767 t even notice. Perhaps much of the neurosis of modern life is due to disrupted sleep as a result.
I have had periods of wakefulness in the middle of the night all my life and have never considered them a problem, but I notice family members fretting when they are aware of waking in the night. I always counsel to pay attention to the total hours of rest, not the continuous hours in any one stretch. I suspect they are more biologically rested than they think they are, if they could simple stop fretting over the fact that they remember being awake for a period during the night and 8775 trying 8776 to sleep before the need came over them naturally.

Pythagorean Tuning - More details - Medieval

One of society 8767 s current problems is the 8775 push 8776 of so many component parts to gain access to our brains where instinct and desire is stored. Many advertisements are blatant in saying: 8775 When you think of _____, think _______. 8776 You can fill in the blanks, I am sure. Try turning the TV on and go someplace where you cannot see it and pay attention to the sounds. Ask yourself, what is that voice trying to do? Frequently, the answer is that our communications media does not want us to think reflectively on the information they are providing. When was the last time you had the time and inclination to reflectively consider a particular subject such as whether or not you wanted a pet, is a dog better than a cat? What might happen if I acquired a pet, etc.? Some of the advertisements include ten seconds or so of some voice speaking at a rate exceeding 955 words a minute as if anyone listening could hear, reflect upon, and make decisions based on that message. Have you ever wondered why our computer types decided that no matter the length of what you wanted for a computer name or the requirements of 8775 regular 8776 English, it all had to be in lower case and not contain any spaces?
Even this response is somewhat fragmented and 8775 hops around 8776 . Do you remember someone telling you of the letter from Thomas Jefferson who started it with the apology 8775 I am sorry I did not have time to write a shorter letter to you. 8776
I learned at Bowdoin that much time was required to produce an assigned paper and the bulk of that time was not spent writing, but rather thinking, meditating, talking the ideas I had over with someone, and then producing numerous drafts which FINALLY led to a draft which I was prepared to turn into a
final copy.
My speech professor made sure we all knew that 8775 um 8776 , 8775 ah 8776 , 8775 you know 8776 and its cousin 8775 I 8767 m sure you know 8776 (which, by the way, always raised the concern for the speaker that if he or she is 8775 sure that the listener knows 8776 why are they talking about the current subject?) add nothing to the value of what a person is saying. And, in my 8775 hopping around 8776 in this reply to you, I am reminded how much fun it was to listen to Bob (Elliot) and Ray (Goulding) as the reported on the 8775 Slow Speakers of America Society. 8776 If you can find a copy I am sure you will enjoy it.
The real purpose of 8775 um 8776 and 8775 ah 8776 probably grew out of a four year old *censored* 8767 s desire to say something to his mother as he pulled on her skirt in the grocery store checkout in his desperate need to say what has come to his mind when she turned to him and said 8775 Yes? 8776 8775 Well? 8776 and after seconds turned away to continue the conversation she was having with another adult or something similar. In this case, the *censored* is trying to say 8775 I have something important to say, I am paying attention, just a moment so I can re-adjust my focus to tell you. 8776 The number of 8775 um 8767 s 8776 or 8775 ah 8767 s 8776 reflect how long the *censored* has been trying to get her attention and tell her something IMPORTANT (TO THE *censored*).
At any rate, I hope you had at least a *censored* chuckle with this and perhaps understand a *censored* better why some people cannot stand a silence for even sixty seconds.
John Carter 8767 58

An Introduction to Historical Tunings - Kyle Gann

As a brain injury survivor I was given medication to help me sleep. Without the medication I had more difficulty in formulating my thoughts. Even to this day I repeat a prayer before I get up in the mornings. Once I can repeat the prayer in my mind without stopping and having to start over, then I am ready to get up. That injury was over 75 years ago.
I have also had sleep apnea and went 6 weeks without any sleep at all. I have had 8 sleep apnea tests done on me and I no longer have sleep apnea.
When a sleep apnea test is done, you ate placed in a dark room with no windows and no light. If you have to go to the restroom you have to punch a button and somebody then turns the overhead light on so you can go to the restroom. They have to first disconnect you and of course the reverse is done when you get back to your room.
Nowadays there is too much light. There are too many wireless currents floating around in ones home and in a person 8767 s bedroom if they keep their wireless computer there.
Being on the computer right before bedtime is not a good practice because of the flickering lights from the monitor. We are not cognitively aware of that flickering and it is not as bad as it used to be with the improvement in computer monitors.
Our mind is going like 95mph and then expected to slow down and rest when a person is on their computer just before bedtime. These are scientific data.
As a *censored* growing up we didn 8767 t have central heat and air like we have today. We had a gas furnace that had to be lit an hour before everybody got up. My parents took turns lighting that heater. At my grandparents house they had space heaters. Someone had to get up and lite them too.
We had more darkness because nightlights were not kept on. There were corner streetlights but they did not shine through a window.
There were not as many cars and trucks driving around at nighttime. Where I live now my bedroom door is kitty corner from a big arch window in the dining area. When vehicles pass by at night, the light from their headlights shines in my bedroom. I either have to close the door or wear a sleep mask.
There were times in the not so distant past when I would awaken during the night around 7 am and write. Many of my writings came from those early morning hours. It 8767 s quiet time.
At the ranch we had a pot belly stove for heat. Somebody had to get up and stoke the fire. There were no street lights. There was the sound of cattle and coyotes. It was peaceful sleep. However, during the hot hours of the day we worked on puzzles, played cards, dominos or took naps. Sleep was from sun down to sun up. And sleep was more peaceful there than at home unless my father in law was there. He snored extremely loudly. The ranch house was one great room with a partition separating it from the bathroom.
Our ancestors had more darkness when they slept. Going back several generations there we no headlights from cars and trucks passing by. There were not as many paved roads back then either. They also had to stoke the fires in the winter time. And too, many slept with windows open. Windows and doors were opposite each other for cross ventilation.
I had an apartment that had cross ventilation like that. There was no central heat and air in that apartment either. I slept soundly looking at the moon from my high bedroom window.
Two sleeps may be the norm for some people but others have been trained to sleep straight through the night.

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